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Andrene’s is located in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC, a community being revitalized with new housing development, cultural attractions, and small businesses.  The official grand opening was July 1st of 2006, and patrons were introduced to a jewel in a treasured community.  An expansion was completed in December of 2014.

Now with quaint dine-in seating, Andrene’s offers a relaxing respite from the daily grind.  With bright island colors, calming music, and an ultra smooth, laid back island atmosphere, the scene is now set for guests to partake in a memorable dining experience.


As the first Caribbean eatery in the district to cater to soul food lovers, Andrene’s Caribbean & Soul Food Cafe' has taken a different approach to menu selection, combining traditional southern favorites with flavorful Caribbean dishes.  Sure to satisfy a wide range of palettes, the on-demands include creamy macaroni & cheese, savory collard greens, slow-cooked, tender barbecue ribs, tasty barbecue wings, and homestyle potato salad,  just to name a few. 

As we leave the south and head for the islands, we find a medley of delicious Caribbean inspired specialties that are only served at Andrene’s.  These include a succulent shrimp and lobster dish, and an impressively seasoned escoveitched red snapper.  Guests have the option of curried or brown stewed versions of these delectable treats, and they are served with either white rice or rice and peas.  Andrene’s additional must-try featured side dishes include cabbage, plantains, beef patties, coca bread, and jerk wings.


A vacation can’t be considered complete without a sweet indulgence! Andrene’s also offers a superb selection of fresh made desserts, including chocolate cake, cheesecake, and carrot cake.


All of Andrene's recipes require the best ingredients and the utmost care.  This establishment takes pride in the menu offerings, and sincerely hopes that customers find themselves momentarily whisked away by the divine cuisine.  Andrene's thinks it's only fair to caution you:  once you try them, you’re certain to return!  Are you hungry yet?

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